Syntec Nutraceuticals Facts and Information – Business Review


This article is about giving the real facts and information about Edward Yeh and his network marketing company Syntec Nutraceuticals.

Syntec Nutraceuticals manufactures and markets a premium line of highly absorbable health supplements. Founded in 2005 by Edward Yeh and Joseph Wang, Syntec is privately owned and operated and manufactures all of its products out of Hillsboro, Wisconsin.

Lets take a look at the business part of Syntec. This company uses the network marketing/mlm setup to distribute their products. The health and wellness industry currently grosses 200 billion dollars a year and is projected to grow to one trillion dollars by the year 2010 giving regular people a chance to profit from this MAJOR TREND.

How do Syntec Nutraceuticals independent distributors make money? This company uses a binary compensation plan that is setup to pay their reps in 6 different ways.

1. Retail Profits

2. Binary Commissions

3. Initial Order Bonuses

4. Premier Matching Commissions

5. Global Bonus Pools

6. Additional Business Centers

The company pays out 55% of all the product volume generated company wide from its distributors.

So how can you maximize this compensation plan and build a huge and healthy sales organization? Syntec Nutraceuticals will give you a very generic training. It will consist of the normal make a list of friends and family and drag people to hotel meetings.

This type of training is very in your face and really teaches nothing about REAL MARKETING. If you want to build your business on a more predictable level it will be mandatory that you learn how to put what you have to offer in front of the people who are already looking for it.


Source by Thomas Hernandez